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Offering Plans -- Co-operative buildings in Westchester County
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Index is for reference only. Some buildings do not have names and are not included.

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Amackassin Gardens, North Broadway, YO
Applehill Farm, South Bedford Rd., CHA
Barker House, Barker Ave., WP
Barker Gardens, Barker St., MK
Beauchamp Gardens, Centre Ave., NR
Bedford Plaza, Barker St., MK
Beechwood/Scarbro, Beechwood Way, OSS
Belvdere Estates, Hawley Terrace, YO
Biltmore Towers, Lake Street, WP
Blackstone, Henry Hudson Pkwy, RIV
Blind Brook Lodge, Milton Road, RYE
Blue Hill Commons, Western Highway,Highview, OR
Boulder Ridge, Sprain Rd., SC
Boulder Ridge Club, Sprain Rd., Clubway Lane, SC
Bradford Hall, Alden Place, BXV
Briar Hills Apts. (2), Schrade (N State Rd), BM
Briar Hills Apts. (2), N State Rd (Schrade), BM
Briar Oaks, Henry Hudson Pkwy, RIV
Brighton Green, Meadow Hill Rd, NEWB
Bristol House, Nosband Ave., WP
Broad Park Lodge, Westchester Ave., WP
Broadlawn Apts, North Broadway, WP
Bronxville Gardens, Georgia Ave. (No Prosp.), BXV
Bronxville Glen North, Midland Ave., YO
Bronxville Knolls, Midland Ave./Lawrence Pk C, BXV
Bronxville Court, Palmer Rd/Bronxville Rd, YO
Bronxville Glen South, Midland Ave., YO
Bronxville Chateaux, Bronxville Rd., BXV
Bronxville Court, Bronxville Rd./Palmer, YO
Bronxville Glen 1 Condo, Bronxville Glen Dr., YO
Brook Hills I, Rosedale Ave., WP
Brook Hills II, Rosedale Ave., WP
Brook Ridge, Quaker Ridge Rd, NR
Brook Hills III, Rosedale Ave., WP
Brookchester Court, Westchester Ave, PC
Brookridge Homeowners, South Ridge; Wyman, Brookridge, RB
Broxville Terrace Apartments, Midland Ave., BXV
Bryn Mawr Ridge, Stokes/Wainright/Burbank, YO
Buckingham (Scarsdale), Garth Road, SC
Buckingham (Yonkers), Warburton Ave., YO
Cadillac Apts., Fleetwood Avenue, MV
Cameo Manor, Old Mamaroneck Rd., WP
Cameo House, Martine Ave., WP
Carlshire, Washington Sq., LAR
Carlton House, North Chatsworth, LAR
Chateau Condo, North Broadway, WP
Chatsworth Gardens, North Chatsworth, LAR
Chester Hill, Westchester Ave., PC
Chester Heights Garden, Oregon Ave., ES
Chestnut Oaks, North Greeley Ave., CHAP
Church Street Condo, Church St., CRO
Clarewood Village, Jackson Ave., HSG
Clarewood Condo, Jackson Ave., HSG
Clinton Place Owners, Clinton Pl., NR
Club Pointe, Club Pointe, WP
Cobblefield, Rosedale Ave./ 8 East Haven, WP
Colchester, Garth Road, SC
Colonial House, Centre Ave., NR
Complex, Street, PO
Consulate on the Park, Consulate Drive, ES
Continental View, E Boston Post Rd., MAM
Copley Court, North State Rd, BRIAR
Copper Beech, North Broadway, WP
Country Club Ridge (2), East Hartsdale/Rockledge, HTS
Country Club Apts., East Hartsdale Avenue, HTS
Country Club Ridge (2), Rockledge Rd./E.Harts, HTS
Crestwood Manor, Lincoln Ave., ES
Crestwood Owners/, Leewood Circle; 500 Wht. Pl. Rd., ES
Croyden, Parkview, YO
Crystal Towers, Old Mamaroneck, WP
Deerfield II, Hawkes Ave., Antler Ridge, OSS
Deerfield III, Hawkes Ave., Antler Ridge, OSS
Deerfield I, Hawkes Ave., Antler Ridge, OSS
Devonshire, Midland Ave., BXV
Drake Lane Apts., Drake Ave., NR
Eagle Bay, Eagle Bay Drive, OSS
Edgebrook, Lawrence (No prosp), WP
Edgemont at Tarrytown, Benedict Ave./Martling, TAR
Edgemont Apts., Central Avenue, SC
Esplanade Gardens, East Lincoln Avenue, MV
Essex House, Garth Road, SC
Eton Hall, Garth Road, SC
Evelyn Court, Tompkins Ave., MAM
Fairways at White Plains, Eagle Court, WP
Fieldpoint II, Fieldpoint Dr., IRV
Fieldpoint III, Fieldpoint Dr., IRV
Fieldpoint I, Fieldpoint Dr., IRV
Fieldstondale, Fieldstone Rd. No Prosp., BX
Fleetwood Acres Owners, Midland Ave., YO
Fleetwood Court, Bronx River Rd., YO
Fleetwood Commons, East Grand St., MV
Fleetwood Hills, Bronx River Rd., MV
Fleetwood Glen, N MacQuesten Pkwy, MV
Fleetwood Park, Bronx River Rd, YO
Fleetwood Chateau, North Terrace Avenue, MV
Fox Hill IV (4), Hawks Ave., OS
Fox Hill V (5), Hawks Ave., OS
Fox Commons, Fox Island Rd, PC
Fox Hill I (1), Hawks Ave, OSS
Fox Hill II (2), Hawks Ave., OSS
Fox Hill III (3), Hawks Ave., OS
Fox Hill VI (6), Hawks Ave., OS
Foxwood Condomin., North Bedford Rd., MK
Garden West Tenants, West St., HAR
Garth Woods, Garth Road, SC
Garth Manor, Garth Road, SC
Gaylord, Overlook/101 Old Mamaroneck, WP
Gentry (2), Fairview (Westview), TUC
Gentry (2), Westview Ave (Fairview}, TUC
Gingerbread Owners, Pondfield Rd W., YO
Glen Terrace, Bronx River Rd.(107 Glen,38 Laurel), YO
Gracemere, Palisade Ave., YO
Gramatan Townhouses of Bronxville, Gramatan Court, BXV
Gramatan Twnhs. of Brxville, Sagamore; Prescott; Valley Rd.;, BXV
Gramatan Ct. Apts, Sagamore Road, BXV
Gramatan Building Condo, Pondfield Rd., BXV
Granada Arms, Windsor Terrace, WP
Green Valley Office Pk, Saw Mill River Rd., HT
Greencroft, Pelham Rd., NR
Greencroft II, Pelham Rd., NR
Greenridge Estates, Greenridge, WP
Greenwich Hills (Connecticut), Comly Ave., GNWCH CT
Greystone, Greystone Ave., BX
Guard Hill Manor, Regent Drive, MK
Hadden Hall Owners, Parkview, YO
Hale Apts, Lake Street, WP
Half Moon Bay II, Half Moon Bay II, CR
Half Moon Bay I, Half Moon Bay I, CR
Half Moon, South Buckout St./only By Laws, IRV
Hamlet at Hartsdale, W.Hartsdale Ave., HTS
Hamlet on Spring Pond, Croton Dam, Spring Pond, OSS
Hampshire House, Greenridge, WP
Hastings Landing, New Broadway, HAST
Hastings House, North Broadway, WP
Hawthorne Gardens, Stuart Ave, MAM
Hayden on Hudson, Douglas Ave., RIV
Heathcote Overhill, Popham, SC
Henry Hudson, Henry Hudson Pkwy, RIV
Heritage Tower, Stewart Place, WP
High Meadow Coop., Charter Circle (no off. plan),
High Meadow, South Highland (No Prosp.), OSS
High Point of Harts, Fieldstone Dr., HTS
Highland Commons, Highland, NR
Hillcroft, Glenwood, YO
Hillside Terrace, Hillside Terrace, WP
Hillside Glen, Glen Rd, ES
Hillside Park Condo II, Old Tarrytown Rd, GRB
Hillside Park Condo, Old Tarrytown Rd, GRNB
Hilltop Terrace, Pelham Rd., NR
Horizon, Pine Street, YO
Huguenot Gardens, Pelham Rd, PEL
Hunters Brook Condo, Woodlands,Treetop,Strang,Rt.132,Old Yorktown, YORK
Imperial, Westchester Ave., PC
Indianhill Town Homes, Pinebrook Blvd., NR
Interlaken Gardens, Calif Witehall Wilton, ES
Interlaken Gardens, Calif Manchester, ES
Irvington Estates, South Broadway, IRV
Irvington Gardens, North Broadway, IR
Iselin Gardens, Channing Pl, ES
Jayro Apartments, Bronx River Rd., YO
Jefferson Condo, Mamaroneck (Greenridge Ave), WP
Juniper Walk, North Broadway, WP
Kemeys Cove of Scarborough Condo, Kemeys Cove, SCARB
Kenilworth, Garth Road, SC
Kensico Arms Condo, Kensico Rd., THW
Kensington, Bronxville Rd., YO
Lake Rd Condo, Lake Rd, VC
Landmark (Life Saver Building), North Main St., PC
Landmark Condomin., North Broadway, TAR
Larchmont Gables, Boston Post Rd., LAR
Larchmont Palmer Hs, Palmer Avenue, Abcott, LAR
Laurel Terrace, North Avenue, NR
Le Pavilion, Cottage Place, WP
Ledgerock Gardens, Bedford Rd. (52 70 Manville), PLE
Lincoln Park, Lee; 70 Sherman, YO
Live Oaks Condo, Dekalb Ave, WP
Longacre Gardens (2), North Broadway; 11 Westview, WP
Longacre Gardens (2), Westview (141 N.Bdway), WP
Longview Owners, King Street, PC
Lyon Farm Village, King Street, PC
Mamaroneck Gardens, Palmer Ave./ Richbell, MA
Marina View, Livingstone Ave., MAM
McCarthy Court, Creston + 197th St., BX
Meadow Court Condo, Meadow Ave., BXV
Meadowbrook Farms, Sagamore Road, TUC
Meadowbrook Farms, Rt. 22, Patterson, NY
Midland Gardens, Midland Gardens, BXV
Milton Harbor House, Milton Road, RYE
Mystic Point II, Mystic; Highridge, OSS
Mystic Point I, Mystic; Highridge, OSS
Nautical Winds, Fordham St., CI
Netherland Gardens, Netherland Ave., RIV
Netherland Gardens, Netherland Ave., RIV
Newport Towers, Halstead Ave., HAR
Northgate, Garth Road, SC
Oak Hill Condo, Colonial Parkway, YO
Oakdale Manor, Oakdale Manor, SUF
Ogden House, Parkway Rd., BXV
Omni Park Condo I, Pipetown Hill Rd., NAN
Orienta Gardens, W.Boston Post Rd., MAM
Orienta Gardens, Old Post Rd./953 W.Boston Post Rd., MAM
Overlook Towers, Old Mamaroneck Rd., WP
Owners Corp, Palmer Rd., YO
Paladin's Keep, Carhart Ave, WP
Palm Brook Gardens, Palmer Rd., BXV
Palmer Terrace Apts., Palmer Avenue, NR
Palmer House, Palmer Ave., NR
Palmer Terrace, Palmer Terrace; Palmer Court, MAM
Park Crest Apts., Bronx River Rd., YO
Park Knoll, Underhill & Col, HAR
Park Lane Apts., Park Lane, MV
Parkview Condo, Lake Street, WP
Parkway Plaza, Elm Street, TU
Parkway Terrace, Bronx River Rd., YO
Peldale, Pelhamdale Ave., NR
Pelhamdale Lodge, Pelhamdale Ave., PEL
Pennybridge Manor, Sunnyside Place, IRV
Pierpointe on the Huds., Water Grant, YO
Pine View House, North Broadway, YO
Pine Hollow Condo, North Broadway, WP
Pinewood Gardens, Pinewood Rd., HTS
Plymouth House, Gramatan Ave., MV
PMA Corp., Boston Post Rd., LAR
Promenade West Condo, Johnson Ave., BX
Purdy Manor Apts., Charles Street, WP
Radford Court Apts., Radford St., YO
Ramapo Towers, S.Cole Ave., SV
Random Farms, Route 133, CHA
Raybrook Apts, Bronx River Rd., YO
Regatta Condo, Mamaroneck Ave., MAM
Regency Park, Lake Street, WP
Retreat at Carmel Condo II, Stonleigh Ave, CARM
Retreat at Carmel Condo I, Stonleigh Ave, CARM
Rex Ridge, Dalewood Gardens, Fieldstone Dr./Pinewood, HTS
River Wood, North Broadway, YO
River House, Pondfield Rd. West (no prosp);,
River Hill, Warburton Ave., YO
River Terrace, Palisades Ave., RIV
River House, Henry Hudson Pkwy, RIV
Riverwoods I, Croton Avenue, NC
Riverwoods II, Croton Avenue, NC
Rockledge Manor, Rockledge Westover, Brandon, YO
Royal View, Barker Ave., WP
Rye Colony Apts., Peck Ave., RYE
Rye Ridge Condo, Avon Circle; North St., RYE
Ryewoods Gardens, Elm Place, RYE
Sadore Lane Gardens, Sadore Lane, YO
Saint Andrews, Old Jackson Ave., HAS
Saxon House, Old Mamaroneck, WP
Scars Manor, Garth Road, SC
Scars Country Est, Underhill/CPA/Campus/Sentry, SC
Scars. Woods II, Central Avenue, SC
Scars. Woods I, Central Avenue, SC
Scars. Ridge II, Central Avenue, SC
Scars. Ridge I, Central Avenue, SC
Scarsdale Chateaux, Chateau Circle, SC
Scarswold, Garth Road, SC
Springhurst Owners, Beacon Hill Drive, DF
Standish Cabot Apts, Alden Place, BXV
Stewart Place Condo, Stewart Place, WP
Stewart Hills, Stewart Place, MK
Stone Oaks, Old Cedar/Stone Oaks D, Pine Grove, HTS
Stonegate Apts., Crompound Rd., PKS
Sulgrave, North Broadway, WP
Sunnybrook Gardens (2), Palmer Rd. & 1 15 Sunn, YO
Sunnybrook Gardens (2), Sunnybrook Road, YO
Tanglewood Gardens, North Broadway; 260 Church St., WP
Tappan Court Apts., South Broadway, TAR
Tara Close, Carpenter Avenue, MK
The Colony, Brookdell/N.Wash,Colony,Fox, HTS
The Lodge, Bronxville Rd., YO
The Colony, Palmer Ave., LAR
The Seasons, Martine Ave., WP
The Quincy, Park Ave., MV
The Quay I, South Broadway, TAR
The Quay II, South Broadway, TAR
The Quay III, South Broadway, TAR
The Hill Condomin., Battle Ave., McKinley Ave., WP
The Woods III Condo II, Woods Brook Drive, PK
The Delano, 66th Ave, RegoP
The Woods III Condo I, Woods Brook Drive, PK
The Pines, Chapel Hill Drive, PK
The Brentwood, Main St., WP
The Regency, Nosband Ave., WP
The Beacon, Manor House Dr/Teller Ave(No prosp.),
The Ives at Rye, North Street, RYE
The Meadows at Pearl Rv, Middletown Rd/Crooked Hill, PRL RV
The Enclave Condo, Ray Place, SC
The Willows at Crestwood, Scarsdale Rd., TUC
The Wesley House, Old Mamaroneck Rd., WP
The Wincrest, Sunnyside Dr., YO
The Meadows, Beecher Lane, PKS
The Gables at Rye, Midland Ave., RYE
The Commons, Crompound Rd., PKS
The Village in Mt.Kisco, Barker St./Carpenter Ave., MK
The Westbrook, Franklin Ave., WP
The Summit, Westchester Ave., PC
The Wellington, Palmer Ave., YO
Thornycroft, Garth Road, SC
Tibbets Park Apts, North Broadway, WP
Tiffany Towers, Doyer Ave., WP
Timber Ridge, Armonk Rd. Timber Rdge, MK
Top of the Ridge, Top of the Ridge Rd., MAM
Tower Club/Westchester, Columbus Avenue, TU
Tower I, Central Avenue, YO
Tudor Woods, Dehhaven Drive, YO
Valentine Gardens, Riverdale Ave. (No Prosp.), YO
Vernon Manor, East Lincoln (no off. plan),
Vernon Manor (Grnd Lease), Fisher; 465,485 E. Lincoln, MV
Vernon Manor, No Prosp Built as a condo.,
Village Green, Cedar St., DF
Village Plaza Condo, Mount Pleasant Ave., MAM
Vincent Arms, Vincent Rd., BXV
Wakefield Towers, Bronx River Rd., YO
Waters Edge, Waters Edge/Cornell Place, RYE
Wellington, Main St., WP
Westage Towers East, Rockledge Ave., WP
Westage Towers (West)2, Rockledge/Cottage Pl, WP
Westchester Towers, Central Park Avenue, YO
Westfair Apts., Bronx River Rd., YO
Westview, Westview Ave., TUC
White Plains Manor, North Broadway, WP
White Plains Commons II, North Broadway, WP
White Plains Commons, North Broadway, WP
Whiteoak, Greenridge Ave., WP
Whitewood Gardens, Pelham Rd., NR
Wild Birch, Amherst/Armstrong, CORTL
Winchester, Palmer Road, YO
Windemere, Broad St., StamCT
Winding Brook Condos, Pinebrook Blvd., NR
Windsor Terrace, Windsor Terrace, WP
Winton Condo, Martine Ave., WP
Woodbrook Gardens, North Broadway, IRV
Wykagyl Gardens, North Avenue, NR
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