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Office color printers

Color printers made for small to medium size offices include ink jet, laser and small high-speed digital duplicators.
Ink jet and laser printers are low priced but their ink or toner is expensive. Digital duplicators are higher priced and lower quality but their price per copy is very low.

Very short run

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Digital printing is a similar process to your office laser printer in that it takes a digital file and prints it to the media, usually paper.
It is different in that the quality is better, speed is greater and size can be much bigger.
Digital is more expensive than traditional offset printing but it is much easier to set up and run and can be less expensive on short to medium, print runs.

Use digital for your high quality color

Sheet fed offset

Offset printing is a two step process where the image is transferred to a :plate. The non printing area of the plate attracts a water based solution and repels ink while the printing portion attracts ink. The ink is then transferred to the paper. Each color requires a separate plate.
Since plates have to be prepared and set up, quality offset is too expensive for short runs but less expensive on long runs.

Quality promotion

Web offset

In web offset the paper is fed into the offset press from huge rolls of paper which is automatically cut as it exits the press. It is an extremely fast printing process but the quality is not as good as that of sheet fed offset. It was originally designed for newspapers running "newsprint" paper. Most homes for sale booklets are printed on web offset presses.


Large Format Printing

Large format printing is digital printing on to rolls of paper or other media. The paper can be 44 inches by the length of the roll of paper. Larger widths are available up to six feet.

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